Gaustruction Fencing, aka GP Fencing, is a professional fencing contractor. Our main core business is the supply and installation of various types of security and perimeter fences.
GP Fencing has teamed up with numerous fence manufacturers and importers throughout South Africa, therefore, we always attempt to offer the best product for your application, at the most competitive prices possible. Because GP Fencing has been in the business of installing fences since 2014, we have vast experience and expertise in all things fencing.
Our portfolio spans all the way from small residential installations to large industrial installations. Apart from the core fence installation work, we have a team of qualified, in-house metalworkers, who are capable of designing and fabricating any steel structures including gates, frames, carports, sheds and much more.
Some of the fences we supply and install include, high to low security ‘Clear View” type panel fences, Palisade fences of various pale sizes, Electric fences, other commercial and farm fences. Most of the lower security rated fences may be coupled with fence toppings such as Electric fence, spikes or razor wire, to enhance the security offering at more cost-effective prices.

Some of the fences we install

High Security

358 'Clear View' mesh panel fence with 76 x 12mm apertures that are difficult to climb and cut using conventional hand tools. The fences are 'transparent', which is ideal for CCTV incorporation as well as providing visibility to patrolling security personel.

High security mesh

Medium Security

This type of mesh panel fence has 76 x 25mm apertures that are also a bit difficult to climb and cut using conventional hand tools. The fences may be installed in combination with electric fences, spikes or razor coils, to enhance the overall security rating of the fence.

Medium security mesh

Low security

These panel fences have mesh apertures that are bigger than the security fences, They are ideal for low security perimeter fencing and demarcation. They may be upgraded to security fences if installed in combination with other features such as electric fences or intruder detection systems.

Low security mesh

Steel Palisade

Palisade fences are robust steel structures that are difficult to breach. They provide a strong physical barrier, and due to their overall vertical design structure, are also quite difficult to climb.

Palisade fence

Electric Fence

Apart from being a physical deterrent, Electric fences may be wired to provide a first line detection system. They may also be connected to alarm systems and rapid response patrolmen.

Electric fence

Other Fences

This category refers to other perimeter fences such as farm fences, diamond mesh, barbed wire fences. These may be installed for various specific purposes such as animal control, baricaged, etc.

Other Fences

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