Medium security mesh fence

High Security Mesh 76 x 12mm aperture
Panel Dimensions

(height x width)

Mesh Apertures

(Hori x vertical)

Post Length Clamps

per Post



1.8M High 1800mm x 3000mm 76mm x 25mm 2400mm 16 3
2.0M High 2000mm x 3000mm 76mm x 25mm 2600mm 16 3
2.1M High 2100mm x 3000mm 76mm x 25mm 3000mm 16 3
2.4M High 2400mm x 3000mm 76mm x 25mm 3000mm 20 4
3.0M High 3000mm x 3000mm 76mm x 25mm 3600mm 24 5

Some fence toppings to enhance security

Medium security mesh panels are made from 3mm vertical and 4mm horizontal steel wires with a 25.4mm x 76.2mm mesh aperture, resistance welded at each intersection. Its relatively small aperture and thick structural wires make it very difficult to climb and cut with conventional hand tools. when the fence is installed in combination with spikes, electric fence or other detection systems, it will offer similar or even better security than the security mesh fence. Medium security fence may be used as an alternative to the High-Security fence, as it has almost similar properties and appearance.

Features of Medium-Security fences

  • Anti-climbing – Small openings that offer little foot and finger holds.
  • Anti-cutting – Thick wires and welded joints make it difficult to cut.
  • Versatility – Many different applications, including schools, Residential, Industrial, and recreational areas, internal installations.
  • Durability – Made from high-quality steel wire and then galvanized or polymer powder coating
    • High strength welded at each intersection.
  • Provides maximum visibility, especially where emergency and electronic detection systems need to use it.

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